Customized Automation

Quick-to-implement solutions are designed to solve customer problems within existing production environments, often supporting more efficient usage of manufacturing spaces, decreased production times, and improved quality. Technologies are as small as handheld devices and as big as fuselages.

Modular Gantry

A gantry based drilling module attaches to large structures to replace manual operations. The Modular Gantry solution supports automation implementation without changing current manufacturing spaces and incurs little manufacturing down time.

Light Modular Gantry (LMG)

A gantry based drilling solution for small structures.

Compact Spar Driller

A small modular and configurable Spar Drilling machine for multi spar stations

Tube Weld Grinder Crawler

A custom robot used to insert into a 14″ diameter tube, crawling a defined distance to a welded join. Multiple onboard cameras provide the operator real time progress while a laser is used to accurately align to the weld bead. Upon proper alignment a rotating grinder is released to remove the weld bead, making it flush with the inner skin of the tube. An attached vacuum then removes the swarf.