Engineering Services

MTM Robotics’ engineering services strives to meet your custom needs.

We provide strategic consultation and planning for manufacturing processes, mechanical and mechatronic design, control systems and electrical design, full-spectrum software development embedded through web-based frameworks, prototype development for manufacturing environments, and NC programming.


Comprehensive Custom Solutions

From portable factory floor tools to enterprise software solutions, MTM Robotics can design, build, and deploy solutions particular to your manufacturing automation needs.



Portability and modularity of our products leads to cost savings compared to larger typical automation tools provided by other manufacturers.


Unparalleled Service

Our dedicated team works with you from product concept to delivery and deployment, striving to provide quality customer service focused on meeting your specific needs.


Quality Modular Products

Our modular automation products can be easily deployed on the factory floor and provide the technical accuracy your manufacturing processes need.


Global Reach

MTM delivers automated portable tools and software systems to aerospace and aircraft manufacturers around the world.


Extensive Industry Expertise

Our engineers, technicians, program management and leadership teams offer years of combined aerospace industry experience.


Core Capabilities

• Complete design, prototype, and in-house turnkey manufacturing of portable automated machine systems.
• Deploy and support networked machines and tools throughout United States and Europe.
• Machine control software development with intuitive human interfaces.
• Factory-wide software implementation to unify manufacturing processes.
• Development of factory-wide resource management tools, including resource reservations and positioning.
• Software solutions for process and quality control, deployed on the customer’s enterprise network.