Our company

Since 2003, MTM Robotics has successfully worked to innovate technologies for building airplanes faster and cheaper.

In 2018, After a decade of collaboration with Airbus, MTM received the Prestigious Airbus Innovation Award for proactive innovation, working closely with and developing automated solutions for factory automation. Airbus’ commitment to MTM’s vision was embraced fully when, in 2019, Airbus acquired MTM.

As an Airbus Robotics company, MTM is poised, better than ever, to continue to provide engineering services and products to all Aerospace manufacturers around the world to improve airplane manufacturing.


Located in the Pacific Northwest

MTM Robotics is located 20 miles north of Seattle, Washington, a region steeped in traditions of innovation and technological advancements. As a cutting edge robotics company, we continually push the envelop to design, manufacture and deploy solutions solving our customers’ toughest problems.

Key Figures

Less than

kgs of weight per module

Less than

minutes to assemble by a trained operator

Less than

seconds hole to hole travel time

Our Team

MTM’s team of experienced Program Managers, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Systems and Applications Engineers, intimately learn our customer’s goals, challenges, and requirements to then collaborate with customers on solutions that address their unique manufacturing needs. Our solutions improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety with a focus on portability, modularity, and affordability.

As the design phase transitions into a prototype phase our dedicated operations team, technicians, and production staff engage, continually communicating with Program Managers and Engineers. After prototypes are manufactured, extensive testing begins, along with any needed design iterations. Once a prototype matures, MTM continues the product lifecycle with the capacity and experience to transition prototype solutions into products, peripherals and documentation to deploy onto our customer’s factory floor. MTM continues the partnership with additional training and tech support as determined by the customer.