Serenity Software

MTM Robotics’ Serenity Software Suite unifies MTM and 3rd party assets found throughout the factory to streamline processes and collect real-time manufacturing data.

Process Control

  • Serenity provides a web based user interface.
    The step by step instructions guide the operator through the customer defined process to improve efficiency, increase safety, and minimize workflow errors.


  • Progression through each step of the process can be manual (checklists), event driven, or based on machine/station IO.


  • Multiple tasks or programs can be embedded in a single
    process, allowing better high level flow control and reducing issues with large program file distribution on older machines.

NC Program Delivery

Serenity provides capabilities for large NC file delivery from centralized servers to local PCs or directly to the machines.

Interfaces can be webform based or operated behind the scenes using scripted instructions.

OEE Data Collection

  • Final/Continuous Reporting Serenity can produce reports of all activity in both machine and human readable formats.


  • OEE/SPC Calculations Serenity can perform calculations
    based off of gathered system and progress information to give summaries of system uptime and productivity Using the user interface, these summaries can include normally difficult to capture metrics such as setup and teardown times.