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Light Modular Gantry (LMG)

A Gantry based drilling solutions used to provide structure for drilling systems for small structures.

Light Modular Gantry


Designed especially for small escape doors on 737.

Light Modular Gantry (LMG) is a 5-Axis robotic system used to drill precise holes on aircraft structures and sub-assemblies. The LMG systems is a light-weight mobile platform with a modular design that allows the end effector to be quickly removed and installed.


YES, End Effectors separates from gantry and can roll from cell to cell.

• Unique Picture Frame like gantry system.
• Can drill and fasten diameters between 3/6” and 7/16”
• The door is hard indexed to the LMG with tooling pins.
• On board vision system used to local indexing of the hole pattern.

Weight (Drilling End Effector only)

End effector weighs less than 15kg
Gantry system is on wheels and can be mobile, pushed by humans from cell to cell if needed.

Customer Deployments

AVCORP in BC, Canada for Boeing 737 door