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C-Frame Fastening Percussion Riviting System

Multi Function End Effector with automated drill, inspect, and insertion technologies designed to attach to 3rd party robotic arms to deliver fasteners into their insertion points and complete the fastening process. Fasteners include rivets, lock bolts, and huck bolts.

Modular Gantry


  • Engine Inlets


N/A, This solution is a Smart Drilling Electric End Effector attaching to a customized gantry system. The end effector can be removed to be replace with other end effector solution.


  • Structure Arrangement: Two beams for X-axis motion and curved beam for Y axis
  • Customer cell space expansion not necessary. The modular gantry conforms to and works around existing assembly jigs.


End Effector Modules can be replaced or reused in other cells without having to repair the entire robot or perform expensive repairs

Range of Motion

  • A Axis Range= 22 deg
  • B Axis Range= +/ 18 deg for normalization to surface.
  • Surface radius Y-axis custom to diameter of Inlet.


Total system: 14 feet high, 12 feet wide and 10 feet Deep.

Weight (Drilling End Effector only)

Less than 55.bs/25kg.

Customer Deployments

UTC (Colllins) Assembly of Airbus A320