Mini Flextrack

Mini Flextrack


MTM Robotics’ flagship product, the next-generation Mini Flextrack (MiniFT), is a fully modular system that can be loaded with any array of end effectors for drilling all the way to inspection.

The MiniFT also features an onboard controller, internal storage for datasets, full Ethernet and USB data connections, as well as a user-friendly touchscreen pendant.

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Mini Flextrack Automation System


Vacuum Track

  • System only uses one vacuum track for easier loading and cost reduction.
  • Configurable to any length
  • Stiffer vacuum rail to accommodate higher reaction forces
  • Six-inch wide vacuum cups for higher reaction forces.
  • Integrated vacuum sensors, monitored by machine controller



  • Generic X and Y positioning system
  • Onboard controller needs no control cabinet and umbilical is very small
  • Entire system runs off stand 110V plug-in
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Run from onboard touch screen pendant or remotely from PC

mini flextrack x-axis drive


  • Provides clamping and normalization control
  • Reversible – can be loaded to carriage in either direction
  • Up to 8″ stroke, longer with customization
  • Modular design: Any array of end effectors can be loaded for different tasks (drilling, inspection, sealing, riveting, fastening, etc.)
  • Increased y-axis travel (eight inches)

mini flextrack axis clamp drive

End Effectors

  • Generic interface allows for different end effectors for varying production capabilities
  • Light duty (on the right in picture) designed for smaller than 5/16” diameter holes.  Uses a pneumatic drill motor with ranges from 20k to 3,500 RPM.  Collet interface for tool holders
  • Heavy duty (on the left in picture) fully electric spindle for controlled feeds and speeds with HSK 32A tool interface.  Up to 7/16” diameter holes in aluminum


mini flextrack end effector

Fastener Tray / Fastener Carriage

  • Optional fastener insertion module allows placement and removal of temporary fasteners
  • Store up to four different fastener types and select based on hole diameter

mini flextrack fastener

System Components

modular assembly

Fully Assembled System


mini flextrack plan

Concept Frame and Wing One-up Drilling





  • Application: Frame drilling and wing drilling
  • Materials: Gr / Gr or Gr / Ti
  • Drill / countersink up to 7/16”-diameter fasteners
  • Apply sealant to countersunk hole (method 1)
  • Feed lock bolts and hi-locks diameter fasteners
  • Adjacent hole clamp-up

Crawler Integration



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