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Mini Flextrack 2.0

A single rail double curvature capable system with A and B axis travel but a tighter radius along the X-axis than the Mini Flextrack 1.1. Rails can be linked for unlimited X-axis travel on fuselages and a B-Axis range of 18 degree motion exists to maintain normality to applied surfaces. Y-axis travel extends 16”/410 mm from edge of rail.



  • Fuselages
  • Wings
  • Double curvature surfaces


YES, any end effector type (Drilling, Fastening, Routing, Cutting, etc.)

Time to Assemble/Disassemble

2 persons approximately 5 minutes

Transport Methods

2 people hand carried or utilize transportation carts (sold separately).


Number of Modules

3 (not including rail)

Module Weights

Each 77lbs/35kg or less

Total Weight

199lbs/90kg including 1 rail


Module swap out capability


Initial Production Deployment


Customer Deployments

  • Lockheed F35 wing to body join
  • Stelia Mirabel Bombardier fuselage