MTM Robotics automated portable tools and software systems accelerate time-to-market for aerospace manufacturers – from the enterprise all the way to the factory floor.


Since its inception in 2003, MTM Robotics (formerly Mobile Tool Management, Inc.) has been a trusted provider of high-quality automated portable tools and software systems to the global aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industry. Our philosophy is to collaborate with our customers to develop new product technologies that address their specific manufacturing needs and accelerate their time-to-market. What makes us different from other aerospace automated equipment providers is the portability and affordability of our products. Contact us to learn more >>

With headquarters located in Mukilteo, USA near the historic airport of Paine Field just 30 miles north of downtown Seattle, MTM Robotics’ state-of-the-art complex consists of a 10,000 sq. ft. design and manufacturing facility with a ETL panel shop and fully capable machine shop. MTM Robotics’ highly experienced leadership team, engineering staff, and project managers are dedicated to delivering the best and most affordable automated portable tools and software systems to aerospace and aircraft manufacturers around the globe.


mtm building

Why partner with MTM Robotics


  • Extensive industry expertise: Our team of engineering, technical, and project management staff are second to none in the industry and offers years of combined aerospace industry experience


  • Comprehensive custom solutions: From portable factory floor tools to enterprise software solutions, we can address any of your manufacturing automation challenges


  • Quality modular products: Our portable factory automation products can be easily deployed on the factory floor and provide the technical accuracy your manufacturing processes need


  • Price affordability: Because of their portability and modular nature, our products cost less than larger typical automation tools provided by other providers in this space


  • Global reach: We deliver our automated portable tools and software systems to aerospace and aircraft manufacturers all over the world, no matter their location


  • Unparalleled service: Our dedicated team works with you from product concept all the way to delivery and strives to provide the best customer service to meet your specific needs

Customers served


Since 2003, MTM Robotics has deployed more than 40 aerospace manufacturing systems comprised of machines, tools, machine software, enterprise software, and support throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We work with some of the largest, most reputable aerospace and aircraft manufacturers in the world, including AirbusBoeing, and Lockheed Martin.

Core Engineering Capabilities


MTM Robotics’ experienced team of engineers deliver the following:

  • Full turnkey manufacturing of portable automated machine systems
  • Design, development, and support of automated and networked machines and tools
  • Machine and system mechanical design, implementation, and deployment
  • Machine control software development with intuitive human interfaces
  • Factory-wide software designs and implementations for orchestration of manufacturing processes
  • Development of factory-wide resource management tools, including resource reservations and positioning
  • Software solutions for process and quality control, deployed on the customer’s enterprise network

Manufacturing Resources


MTM Robotics’ Mukilteo complex offers the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • 10,000 sq. ft. design and manufacturing facility
  • ETL panel shop
  • Full-capability machine shop

Engineering Staff


MTM Robotics’ team of expert staff includes a wide variety of highly qualified and experienced professionals to meet your specific aerospace and aircraft manufacturing needs, including mechanical engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers and technicians, manufacturing engineers, applications engineers (customer integration, technical support, training), technical assemblers, CNC machinists, and project managers.

Flextrack orders through competitive bid win over other Flextrack suppliers:


  • Boeing 777 fuselage
    • 2 MFTs in production since 2012
  • Boeing 787 horizontal stabilizer
    • 2 MFTs in production 2014
  • Boeing 747 fuselage
    • 14 MFTs in production 2014
  • Lockheed C130J wings
    • 2 MFTs in production 2014


To learn more about how MTM Robotics can help you shorten your time-to-market or to request a demonstration, please contact us.


mtm shop

MTM work benches


MTM test panels

mtm shop

Work bench with Mini Flextrack